Audio Video Lighting Design & Installation

Our team will bring your vision to life. Start with good planning. Follow with professional engineering, programming and project management. Technology is more than just an equipment list. It's an extension of your building and your mission. Stop wasting time and money. Do more with less and do it right. 

Sound System Design & Acoustics


 Be Heard.  Perfect sound at every seat using advanced computer based modeling, prediction, and measurement. 


  • Sound system design, modeling, and prediction
  • Background music, paging, and noise masking
  • Production intercom design
  • Architectural acoustics design
  • Mechanical noise and vibration control
  • Room acoustics modeling
  • Sound system assessment and tuning

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Video and Broadcast Design


 Be Seen.  The exact right size and brightness of display, based on physics.  The right solution based on standards and experience. 


  • Telepresence, Videoconferencing, and Streaming
  • Projection mapping, warping, and blending
  • Digital Signage, MATV, and IPTV
  • Production and Master Control Suite Design
  • Dome, 360 & 180 2D & 3D Theaters
  • LED Walls and Environmental Projection
  • Interactive Display Technology
  • Digital Media Archiving

Stage and Architectural Lighting


 Be Bright.  Lighting and video are two sides of the same coin.  Designing with both in mind creates powerful and intuitive spaces. 


  • Theatrical, stage, and studio lighting design
  • Video teleconference lighting
  • Power and control distribution design
  • Pipe grid, catwalk, and rigging design
  • Architectural lighting design
  • Fixture and equipment package specification
  • Audio Video Lighting. Sound System Design, LED Walls